Letter to Death

Inspired by the movie “Collateral Beauty” where Will Smith plays a character who experiences something tragic! He writes three separate letters- one to Time. one to Love, and one to Death.

This reflection piece will be three part

So many people fear you, death

I despised you

Because I didn’t understand the underlying reason for your existence

I didn’t understand why you came to me in threes

I didn’t understand why you changed what I believed

I didn’t understand why you took those I love, expecting me to be “ok” with them now being in Heaven “above”


What was I supposed to do

After you came into my home and took my parent?

It’s apparent you didn’t care that his children, still wanted a daddy to raise them

a wife, still wanted a husband to love her

siblings still wanted their brother

There just couldn’t be another!

David Green

that was his name.

Did you know it?

Before you took him with you

did you??


You turned the world red in my head

So depressingly black that I just wanted to go back

There was no white because I did nothing right

So I selfishly wanted you to come take me too

and it pissed me off when you wouldn’t just do what I told you to do!


You are this world’s greatest confusion

you happen in the most tragic ways

and all we are told to do

is to just pray for better days

Those better days do eventually come, and the cloudiness in our thoughts do clear up some

It just takes some people longer to reach your light

To Spiritually understand that

Death, you really are a part of life!


A “life” that is beyond the world of time and space

A “life” that transcends the Divine Self to an Absolute Universal place

A “life” that we, have yet to encompass here

until we reach the End

and the end is you, Death


I discovered you can be Peace and my Soul now glows of Indigo

so when you come to take me,

I’ll be ready to go

A wise man once told me that he always got a little jealous when people die on earth, because they have reached God’s freedom to really LIVE

David Green was his name

You freed him


Letter to Love

Inspired by the movie “Collateral Beauty” where Will Smith plays a character who experiences something tragic! He writes three separate letters- one to Time. one to Love, and one to Death

This reflection piece will be three part

There are so many things I want to express that you already know,

You go far beyond what the word “emotion” shows

I want to speak something you’ll “feel” 


I’ll try my best, and let you handle the rest


The English dictionary defines you as- “ an intense feeling or deep affection, a great interest or pleasure in something, a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.”

I know what you’re thinking

How can we be so dense? 

How can we be so detached from the True meaning of who and what you are?! 

How did we get THIS lost?!!

I can’t speak for everyone, but because of my egoistic ignorance of you 

I paid a major cost 


When I was young

you were an exquisite delicacy to me 

you were my “wild”, Love

you, were the child, Love

you were the cries for more, because it was only you I looked for 

you were the innocence in my pair of Pure eyes 

free from disguise and capable of seeing inside of you 


They told me to call you “imaginary”

and I became “a product of my environment”  

I stopped envisioning myself

One with you Love 

But you never left 


The false understanding of what I taught myself to believe 

about sexual, physical, material things and what they bring 

clouded my True vision of you

I materialized you too

I abused the greatest part of you 


took your pieces and tore them, no longer adored them, gave you away and no longer cared that 

it was you 

who created everything in me 

You are the “beat” of what my heart feels

you are the TRUE definition of my Real

and no words can comprehend you

no words can bind you, 

or try to 

No words can gage 

what is Universally uncaged 

and that is You, Love 


Before there was an “us”, 

it was ONLY You

and we’ve become 

so self-obsessed, so self-absorbed, so mindless 

that we use our MIND less 

We are doomed

if we choose to participate in a society of greed

Sensitized to believe

it is only the world we need 


you will still embrace our self inflicted scars

heal our internal wounds

and open our third eye

from the half-truth reality 

we created you to be  

To the Divine Truth 

hidden in the Inner “Me”. 


Some people 

will end up keeping you confined 

Some people 

will choose to stay blind 

And some people

will continue to falsify you 

with fleeting definitions having no intentions of ever experiencing 

the Genuine, Absolute, Authentic you

But not me!


I want to stay in you this time Love,

because I embody you

I am Energy and Light in you

I, am Peace that passes all understanding, Abiding Harmony, and Everlasting Stillness in you 


I am, Love in you 

Letter to Time

Inspired by the movie “Collateral Beauty” where Will Smith plays a character who experiences something tragic! He writes three separate letters- one to Time. one to Love, and one to Death

This reflection piece will be three part


I would say “Nice to Meet You”

but we’ve already met 

March 31st, 1986 at 10:48 a.m. 

I entered into your realm of existence again 

and you knew about me 

before I discovered you


We grew up together

My buddy Time

you’re illusionary 

a relative memory 

a worldly best friend till the end 

So, exactly when do you begin and when do you end?


You’re always introducing me 

to what you like to call “change” 

No point in asking 

if you remembered that one time

because you never will

February 25th, 2001 at 4:25 a.m you made a big one

change that is 

and I wanted you to stop yourself

I wanted you to rewind yourself

I wanted you to change what you changed!

And you did 

I thought in your moment, Time, YOU were the key to controlling life 

I thought wrong

How ignorant of me to believe you are the Supreme God!

How ignorant of me to believe you are the Master of Life! 

You’re just “doing your job” right

you possess none of that

or do you?  


Still, I hated you

I HATED YOU because 

there you were

bringing my life to a point 

of confusion, void


You, brought my life to meet death

and you did nothing 

and everything at the same time 


Ahhhh TIME

I wanted out of you!! 

I tried to get out of you!!  

And yet, you keep ticking

For 18 years, 

I questioned the Divine Creator 

For 18 years,

I was advertently becoming Greater

and within YOU of all places!


Then, you brought change to my life again! 


So, here we are Time

exactly where you knew we’d be

and there’s more to you 

than what we blind our eyes to see 

because of the false identification with the “human, individual me”

Conditioned in this society to conform

to just “only be”

Ignorance isn’t Bliss

it’s eternal confusion!

Some become stuck in your world and are fed delusion

never reaching their Greatest conclusion

with You 


I know you have to go

but let me just say

Thank you!

because now I know 

what made you also made me

Now, I know that my Divine vision can go beyond what you’re only restricted to be

You are time

And I, am Infinite Spirit

We were both created 

from a thought 

from a Supreme Divinity

an All Encompassing, Universal Consciousness 

and we get to experience each other until you “run out” 

But I’ll still live! 


So to be honest, neither of us truly exist in you

What does?!

Only time will tell 





Not Just, Flesh and Bones

I view this lifetime of my human self here on this “Time and Space” earth from an outer body experience now

my two minds (carnal and Spirit) continue to align with each other and my Universal Consciousness is actively elevating.

I am daily, becoming one with my True Self and the Supreme God of ALL

my Spiritual Life Force is transcending me.

I do have a third Eye, that when tapped into can show me my Light, Peace that passes all understanding, Divine Balance, and my vibrational Spirit Energy!

I find Peace in knowing that everything can’t be explained, especially to those who still choose to live in ignorance. The English language doesn’t have the words… when what’s Infinitely True can’t be comprehended in the realm of time and space

But, for those who know… KNOW, just as I know.

My True Self has been able to show me the underlying Essence of everything in this world and  what’s completely outside of it.

The Divine knowledge of my existence is withIN and withOUT.

So now, silence is my best friend

and only seeing myself as finite has come to an end


I affirm your Life Journey will reach a point of being ready to find YOU



Day 227

Transcending your Consciousness allows you to think beyond the boundaries set by your ignorance, materialism, and the man-made world.

In the end, everything in this realm of time and space is ephemeral! If you had nothing, you would have everything! This Truth only holds Stillness and Peace in Transcendence which is the Absolute goal.

During my meditation and yoga session with the rising of the Sun today, my Universal Spirit consciousness asked my human vessel ” who do you think you are when you leave the physical world of time/space to enter the dream realm and beyond?”

I was instantly given the answer which I choose to keep silently Hidden within my Divine Wisdom

If you know the answer as well in Spirit,

we are on the same Journey in this lifetime elevating towards the same Oneness 💗

You, 6th ELEMENT


Do we continue to place ourselves in and out of the distractions this “man-made” world places before us?

Because discipline is a life long lesson to learn when we no longer choose Ignorance! It’s YOU against you in this world of time and space. And it’s no longer just a battle when you allow your Divine Energy to take the form of Action! You are also within Transition… Vibe-rating from what you are to WHO you are.

Aligning the lower self with the Higher

So, WHO ARE YOU? And what Purpose do you serve while in this world… besides being another social security number to the U.S.?

The Supreme ALL created all from an inner thought. We, are a piece of that ALL!

Your consciousness is Universal. Your Being is Celestial. You are Divinity, defined.

Be mindful within your actions and create your reality around the Divine Principles that sustain the True Essence of this world.  They are hidden from those that do not seek Truth, but greed, who do not seek Light, but selfish need.

Your Actions on this earth should create a Balance within, our Egos can hinder this as it is our greatest and only sin.

While you search for your True Intentions, pay attention to the Elements and let them teach you…

Air– how it sounds when it blows and how it feels when it goes. The big sister to the breath we breathe, it is the sustainer over all we need. Water– how it forever flows in and out of time, it is Nature’s main ingredient for Growth.  Its true nature holds no form, but is able to take the form of everything. Earth– how everything within it lives. It is a protector of life, a phenomenal creation, created to create. Fire– how it burns Matter to reveal its True State. Hot in Nature to everything it touches because it is meant to melt away what isn’t, revealing what is. Space(Ether)– the definition of everything around us. It is Home to what is Hidden, its Energy is Eternal when utilized by Spiritual eyes.

Now do you see?!

Now, do you SEE WHO you are?  I believe that you do

But, there’s More…

to be continued…




I affirm that the words you read below speak to your Soul


I knew a boy who was swallowed by the sky, by the flashing lights

I knew a man who got lost in the big dark blue, and he came out alive

I knew a boy, I knew a man that looked a lot like you.


I knew a time that you could stand still beside, never rushing by

I knew a place you’d go for your head to explode, into Peace of Mind

I knew a boy, I knew a man that looked a lot like you

I knew a time, I knew a place that felt a lot like you


I knew a boy who was swallowed by the sky, by the flashing lights

I knew a man who got lost in the big dark blue, and he came out alive

I knew a boy, I knew a man that looked a lot like you

I knew a time, I knew a place that felt a lot like


Tom Misch (Song: Man Like You)


Divine Energy

I am the Silence within silence. I speak by saying nothing at all

I am Power within stillness, I am Strength within peace, I am Wisdom within knowledge, I am Answers within understanding.


Illuminating, Vibrating, Radiating


Eternal, Ethereal, Everlasting

I am, the Silence within silence. I exist without existing

I am Black without space, I am Water without moisture, I am Earth without matter.


Spiritual, Divine, Godly


Absolute, Infinite, After Life